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From Professional Educators:

"Carol is highly self-motivated and is a real asset to the staff at Eliot (May 1982) and
"Carol has become a real master at Slingerland."  (March 1985)
- T.W., then-principal of Eliot School (Slingerland Magnet), Gilroy, CA

"I first  met Carol two years ago when she requested a meeting with me regarding a student she was tutoring.  As a special education teacher in the public schools and case manager for this student, I was very pleased to meet this child's tutor, hoping that together we could support this child in a way more powerful than either of us could do in isolation.
Over the last two years, Carol has made every effort to support this student's learning through extensive reading tutorial sessions.  His skills have improved significantly, and her willingness to provide me with progress updates have strengthened his program at school as well.  In addition to her demonstrated competence as a teacher of reading, Carol's personal warmth and supportive style have been assets in her relationships with her students and adults.  I have appreciated her ability to communicate positively and effectively...I believe she would be a genuine asset to any program that needs a skilled reading teacher who is both sensitive to children's needs and strong in her teaching abilities."
- S.K., Learning Resource Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School, Corvallis, OR

"Oregon's loss is Colorado's gain!"
- K.B., Educational Diagnostician, Child Development and Rehabilitation Center at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon

From Students:

"I like Ms. Carol because she helps me write and read and I used to not like to read.  She helped me make progress. Ms. Carol is the best tutor in the world!"
 - E., second grade

"To a very cool tutor,
Thank you, thank you for helping me with reading and spelling.  I loved all of the fun stuff we did together...I love James Bond books and you should mention it to the kids in Denver..."
- TT,  fourth grade

"Dear Carol,
Thank you for teaching me how to read, write, and spell."
- S.T., second grade

"Thank you Carol for teaching me and (brother's name).."
 - T., first grade and L., fourth grade, siblings

From Parents:

"I am very happy to report the progress my third grader has made while working with Carol Stather.  We have been seeing Carol for three months now and not only do I see an improvement in her reading, but her classroom teacher has noticed great progress as well.  Carol is excellent with the kids on both a professional level, as well as personal.  My child has worked with other tutors and I have not seen as much progress in as little time.  I think Carol and the Slingerland program will finally make the difference in my child's life that I have been looking for.  I highly recommend Carol to anyone with a child struggling to read.
- Highlands Ranch, CO  mom

"My son started 2nd grade at a DRA [reading assessment] of 8. Now after 5 months of lessons with Carol, he is at an 18.  We have seen huge improvements in a short amount of time.  It has helped build his confidence as a student.  Not only has it helped his reading, but also his spelling.  Carol keeps parents very well informed. She reviews the lesson with the parent after each session.  Carol has helped open the world of reading for my son."
- Highlands Ranch, CO Mom

There is no way we could ever express our appreciation for all you do for (son's name).  I can't begin to express how wonderful it feels to see him actually reading -- and enjoying it.  You've been an angel in our life--we are so grateful!"
- B.and I. G.,parents of third grader

"...After only 12 hours of instruction from Carol, we noticed an enormous improvement in his reading ability.  After 6 months, he was reading at or above grade level, and by third grade had scored in the top 20% on the Oregon State Reading Test ...  Trained in the Slingerland® Approach, Carol employs a multi-senses approach to reading.  Through visual, audio, and verbal techniques, she taught our son how to experience the magic of the written word..

Carol is very kind and patient with children, instilling in them a sense of self confidence in their own abilities Not once did our son object to attending his one-hour sessions with Carol. He always felt quite comfortable during his lessons, and enjoyed his time with her.

 As parents of a child who didn't fit the norm when it came to learning to read, we are grateful to Carol for using the methods necessary to reach a unique and special
- parents of third grader

"...Prior to working with Carol, our daughter did not enjoy reading.  She seemed to be frustrated with the process and struggled with words that she did not know.  She had an "I can't read" attitude.

After meeting with Carol two to three times a week for two months, our daughter had a different attitude toward reading. She had skills to use to help her with words that were unfamiliar or larger than she was comfortable with. She was beginning to feel confident with her reading skills and was beginning to read on her own.  We cut back the tutoring sessions to once a week for a few more months.  By June, our daughter was a very confident reader and scored quite high on her reading assessment test.

There is no doubt that Carol helped our daughter overcome her reading obstacles and go on to be a child who loves to read.  I would recommend Carol time and again to any parent who would like their child to improve their reading skill. Carol is a teacher who can truly make a difference in a child's life by helping them to read, spell, and comprehend any written material they come across..."
- parent of a 6-year old

"...Carol has worked with our seven year old son for eight months.  The results were remarkable.  He began, essentially as a non-reader, and is now reading comfortably well above his grade level with good comprehension, fluency, and spelling skills.  Needless to say, we are delighted.

His steady progress was due to Carol's thorough and methodical teaching.  She develops new skills while constantly reinforcing those skills already mastered. Progress was continuous and retention of skills has been excellent.  Our son experienced a steady stream of successes which changed his personal image.  Reading is now fun!

In addition to her effective teaching techniques, Carol has wonderful rapport.  Our son "took to" her from day one and always looked forward to reading sessions.  Her warmth and concern are obvious. As a parent I found her to be an excellent communicator.  After each session she reported what was worked on and gave a reading and writing "homework' assignment.  She demystified reading development and clearly explained the rationale behind her approach.  She supported me with literature to read at home as well as giving jargon-free explanations.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Carol for any teaching position.  She would be a
wonderful addition to any educational team."
- parent of 7-year-old

"A few words to commend and recommend Carol for her work as a reading tutor.  After nearly two years of whole language approach to reading in kindergarten and first grade, our daughter, J., was discouraged with her reading ability and bored with school.  In only three months of twice weekly half-hour sessions, Carol has helped J. reach a level of competence appropriate for a child entering second grade.  Carol's more traditional approach to teaching, using phonics, and her contagious enthusiasm
have had a major positive effect on J.'s attitude and development.  J.'s self esteem and confidence have returned and for the first time in two years, she is looking forward to school.  The expense has been more than justified by the results.  We strongly recommend Carol as a reading tutor."
- parent of second grader

"I met Carol when my son, S., started participating in her reading classes.  S. was attending the Montessori Preschool at the time and his teacher suggested I consider having him attend some tutorial reading classes prior to his entering an elementary program.  Carol was highly recommended.  S. was needing some individual attention, and with Carol's approach being very similar to Montessori's phonetically based reading program, the match seemed ideal.  It proved to be a very beneficial situation
for S.

From the beginning, Carol demonstrated a friendly and outgoing personality.  Her caring, patient, and calming approach with children was very reassuring for S.  Even though language skills had become a struggle for S., he truly enjoyed attending her reading class. He talked about it with such enthusiasm that several of his classmates were envious.  Carol has a way of making a basic yet most difficult task for some, a really fun activity.  There were always many rewards for a job well done!

I feel S. and Carol were a successful team as he is now reading at an appropriate level for his age.  Along with learning to read, S. developed a desire to read on his own, wanting to continue to read better, and advancing to higher levels.  More importantly, S. now feels happy with himself, demonstrating a strong self-confidence in almost everything he attempts.  Not knowing how to read kept S. from being successful not only academically, but socially as well.  I would encourage any parent with a child having difficulty with reading to consider utilizing Carol's expertise.

S. was not the only beneficiary of Carol's classes.  I feel I acquired a friend as well.  Carol immediately lets you know she is an advocate for the child and has the child's best interest at heart.  When your child is struggling, whether it be at reading or at any basic skill, knowing that the teacher and student are a real partnership is very reassuring to the parent. ..."
- parent of  first/second grader

Please see graph below, as well as a few photos of one of our teaching rooms...

Achieve Reading
264 Southpark Rd.
Highlands Ranch, CO   80126
Phone: (720) 328-9229

This graph visually demonstrates the success achieved by one recent third grade student after only 17 hours of Slingerland instruction with Carol. This student went from below level to surpassing the standards and passing his benchmarks in reading. Needless to say, the student's parents were thrilled, and strongly urged Carol to create a website (so that other parents could find and access this valuable instruction) AND include this graph on the website. Full report available upon request.


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