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Achieve Reading provides the following services when working with students and their families:

1. Initial consultation with parent/adult student

2.  Free informal assessment of student, given individually, to determine learning strengths and identify any 
     learning gaps. Approximate reading level is also determined. The assessment is given as a "pre-test" to determine
     student's baseline, prior to instruction, then is given again, as a post-test, when instruction is complete.

3. (OPTIONAL)  Slingerland Screening/Testing with the Slingerland Screening Tests.  These tests identify specific learning
     disability (dyslexia), but also help to identify strengths and weaknesses within the visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and 
     kinesthetic-motor (writing, speaking) modalities. These are the three learning channels or modalities that contribute to 
     language learning.  The Slingerland tests are designed to replicate everyday school tasks.  

4. Private, semi-private, and small group instruction is offered through Achieve Reading.

5.  Students will be provided with learning materials to be placed in a three-ring notebook, used specifically for learning
     sessions, and which reference the learning that takes place during instructional sessions. Students may bring a notebook
     of their choice. The notebooks offer a place to keep the reference sheets given during lessons, homework assignments,
     and become an important reference tool at home for the student.  The notebook should be brought to each learning 
     session, so that it can be kept up-to-date.

6.  Ongoing monitoring of the student's progress, and regular communication with the student's parent regarding the student's

7.   Instruction to the student's parent of important learning processes being taught to the student, so the parent is able to
      support instruction at home.

8.  At the parent's request, Carol will be happy to connect with the student's classroom teacher or school specialists to 
     answer questions, coordinate instruction when possible, and generally support the classroom instructor's efforts in the 
     student's education.      



Achieve Reading
264 Southpark Rd.
Highlands Ranch, CO   80126
Phone:  (720) 328-9229

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