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The following links are to some of the many available websites that you may find helpful in learning about dyslexia and other learning disabilities, the Slingerland® Approach, as well as other methods appropriate for use with dyslexic students.  These websites are valuable resources which include available books and articles, research, and local, state, and national associations that are dedicated to helping those with learning differences, and those who care about them. You are encouraged to visit these websites to learn how to help yourself or your student Achieve Reading and success in life!

The Slingerland® Institute for Literacy  --

NEW Slingerland video   --

The International Dyslexia Association  --

The Rocky Mountain Branch of the International Dyslexia Association  --

Learning Disabilities Association of America   --

A List of Famous Dyslexics  --

The Boys and Girls Club of Portland Metropolitan Area Literacy Center  --

(The Boys and Girls Club of Portland Metro Area has introduced the Slingerland® Approach in their club for any children who belong to the club and who may benefit from this assistance.  This Boys and Girls Club is the first in the nation to do so.)

Douglas County, Colorado DYSLEXIA RESOURCE GROUP  --  website:

     Understanding Your Struggling Reader through Reseach, Education, and Advocacy

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