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About Achieve Reading

Reading Doesn't Always Come Easy

For some children, reading is easily acquired with almost any type of good instruction.  For others, though, the "learning to read" process is not so easily mastered.  For those children (and adults), the process is anything BUT easy.  It is a struggle, one they must face daily at school, and again, at home when they have homework to contend with. And then they face it again, out in public, in reading street signs, directions, restaurant menus, employment applications, etc. Often, these students don't know WHY they are having trouble, only that they ARE, and they feel very different from their classmates. 

Some children simply need a bit of extra help to master the challenge of learning to read, write, and spell.  They may have gaps in their learning and benefit from a structured approach to language arts that "fills in the gaps".

Other children have even more difficulty in learning to read and/or spell, despite receiving quality instruction from an excellent teacher.  They may or may not have identified learning problems.  These children most often will benefit from being taught in a different way, one that fits their learning style, one that utilizes their learning strengths and supports their learning difficulties.

Dyslexia is a very common learning difficulty, affecting up to 20% of people (1 in 5 children or adults).  Many highly intelligent, creative, intuitive and perceptive people (many also famous and well- respected) are affected by dyslexia, though it may often go undiagnosed and untreated.  In those cases, the student generally struggles academically, and often, self-esteem plummets.

The Slingerland®  Institute for Literacy's definition of dyslexia:  

Characteristics of specific language disability (dyslexia) range in degree from the very mild to the extremely severe.  Dyslexia results from a disorganized cortex of the brain and can most often be found within families over several generations.  The key point, however, is that reading and language skills are definitely out of keeping with overall intellectual abilities.  This difference persists in spite of good educational instruction over adequate periods of time with teaching methods that are successful for the majority of children.  Failure to recognize a specific language disability may affect self-esteem and behavior.

Why Choose Achieve Reading?

Achieve Reading is the result of the work and passion for education of its owner and  teacher, Carol Stather.  She has been teaching since 1979, in California, Oregon, and now, Colorado. Carol, a credentialed, licensed  teacher (with credentials in CA, OR, and  CO) has specialized training to teach children with Specific Language Disability (also called "dyslexia"). Trained and  experienced (since 1980) in the Slingerland® Approach, Carol uses this very effective multisensory, structured, explicit, sequential  approach to help children (or adults) who struggle with language to achieve results that can turn reluctant readers into excited, confident, skillful readers.This approach, while considered remediation for dyslexia (and often termed "educational therapy", or more recently, "dyslexia intervention"), was originally designed to be an excellent "preventative" approach.  While it can work  wonders with individuals who may be dyslexic, it also works extremely well with struggling readers who may just need a "boost" in their skill levels.  We know that some children, despite having caring and supportive parents, excellent teachers, and a strong curriculum, will better learn with an approach that fits their learning needs and learning style.   The Slingerland® Approach to Language Arts Instruction takes the student where he or she is, and builds success upon success with a structured, sequential and educationally sound approach.    

Convenient, Comfortable  Atmosphere

Achieve Reading is located in a warm, home atmosphere. Students and parents have reported that  they appreciate that our location does NOT seem like an impersonal "office".   An entire floor of  the home is dedicated to the students, with two well-equipped "teaching" rooms, and a convenient bathroom. A waiting room for parents (and siblings) if needed, is just a few steps away. The site is clean, quiet, and well-organized,  offering an environment that makes it easy to focus and learn.  Carol is a friendly, warm and enthusiastic teacher who loves children and is highly skilled, providing expert, intensive instruction.  She creates a very safe and supportive atmosphere for her students, and is also an effective communicator with parents and school personnel. With the addition of our new instructor, Kristen, we now can expand our services to more students!

Achieve Reading is also now expanding our services to make lessons possible for individual or small groups of students at local schools, by special arrangement.  This provides the opportunity for students to receive this valuable, specialized  instruction during the school day, as opposed to adding to the length of the school day for children  who already are working very hard to learn.

Highly Skilled, Direct Instruction,  now known as Dyslexia Intervention, Rather Than "Tutoring"

Achieve Reading utilizes an approach which is really more than "tutoring".  It  is truly multisensory instruction (now also termed "dyslexia intervention" ) that focuses on building skills in reading, writing, and spelling. Our ability to use language to read, write and spell is critical to successful learning. The Slingerland® Approach to Language Arts Instruction is a highly effective approach to help those students who struggle with language.  Often only a few hours of instruction will provide noticeable progress and an improved self-image. As successes continue, the student becomes more motivated and empowered to learn. This instruction gives students "tools" for their "toolbox" so that they may "build" their way to a more powerful education and future success.  Increased confidence, motivation and focus are additional benefits most students exhibit . These skills and attributes can be life-changing.

After a period of instruction which varies from student to student, many parents report their joy at watching their child curled up with a book, now enjoying reading.  These students have Achieved Reading!   What better way to ensure your child's educational success!

Of course, the best recommendations come from satisfied parents and former students!  Please feel free to ask for references, which are happily given, and also see the testimonials page on this site.  You will feel assured that your student will be receiving specialized, quality,  highly effective instruction.

Achieve Reading
264 Southpark Rd.
Highlands Ranch, CO   80126
Phone: (720) 328-9229

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